From large scale outdoor sculpture installations and collection moves to designing installation layouts for any type of exhibition, we have over 20 years of experience consulting on how to get any level of project from “to-do” to “to-done!”

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Do you need artwork installed, but are unsure of the right way?

Do you have an arts project with multiple parts and pieces to coordinate all at once?

Is there a work somewhere you need packed or transported?

Have you been wanting to catalog or appraise your collection?

Do you have an artwork that is damaged or needs cleaning?

Finding the right specialist to help with your art logistics needs can be intimidating.

Art Pro Net was founded in 2018 by Kelly Bennett, an experienced manager in the art logistics field.  Her work in exhibitions management has taken her around the world and involved all types of objects from historical to contemporary installations.  Her mission is to strengthen the art professionals community by broadening awareness and creating a way for clients and contractors to connect.  We offer a wide range and scale of services to support all levels of a project and our client’s goals.

We also strive to support art professionals in their careers by offering a newsletter with information about employment, education, and funding opportunities.  APN organizes events that encourage networking and professional connections so that as a community we can collaborate. Check on our blog to keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities.

Services & Process

From sourcing to project planning we can help you with any size project.  Check out the different ways APN can add to your project planning.

The Art Pro Network

APN is connected with arts professionals that are familiar with all types of projects and sources you both know and need to know. 

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Our Services

Art Pro Recruiting & Sourcing

Project Building & Exhibition Management

Collections Management & Move Planning

Transport & Couriering

Our Process

Art Pro Net is here to consult on every sort of art logistic project big or small.  We are available to help you with any level of project and management from staffing to strategic planning.  Our experience includes every type of artwork from historical objects to contemporary media installations. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you smooth out your process and answer your questions.
Art Pro Recruiting and Sourcing
APN has a network of thousands of art professionals and vendors specializing in everything from installation to appraisal.  Take a look at the types of specialists in our network and if you don’t see who you need, contact us directly so we can connect you to the right pro.  We source for single projects and recruit for full-time staff positions.
Project Planning and Exhibition Management
Have a project or exhibition concept that you need help realizing?  Trying to plan a long exhibition schedule and stressed by the 3D math involved?  Need to find a material like organic sterile soil and don’t know where to start? Let APN help you build a schedule and budget that realizes all your goals, and find all the uniquely specific products that make art happen.  
Collections Management & Move Planning
Do you need to move or catalog a collection? Design or source storage equipment?   Do you have works that need to be moved or packed for long-term storage? APN has years of experience managing collections of all sizes in both museums and residential homes.  Let us help you find a scalable solution to protect and store your artworks within your budget and timeline.
Transport & Couriering

Do you need to move your artworks to a buyer or borrower?  Have you agreed to loan something from your collection that you are worried about traveling or the installation when it arrives?  APN can help you plan everything from the crating to the transport.  Our decades of international courier experience can help you protect your work as you loan to exhibitions wherever they are.


Handling and installing works of art is a specialized skill and having the right professional for the job is important.  We have pros in our network that specialize in all sorts of installations from media-based artworks to large-scale outdoor sculptures. Whether it is in a museum, gallery, office or home we can find the right art pro for you.

There are many components needed in the securing and display of artwork.  APN’s network includes mount makers, carpenters, metal fabricators, and other kinds of builders.  We can also help you design you casework and mounts for both display and earthquake mitigation.  
Do you need to catalog your collection for insurance or appraisal?  Do you have a small collection you would like to manage better?  Many people are unfamiliar with registrars and their role in collections.  Registrars are vital to the cataloging, tracking, and maintenance of a collection.  Hiring a registrar can help even the smallest collection become more organized and accessible for everyone.
Do you have a damaged artwork you wish you could repair?  Do you have a piece that needs cleaning?  Not sure what material your work is made of and who can help? Trusting your artworks to a conservator or even knowing who to call can be hard.  APN’s network is full of specialists that work with paper, fabric, frames, sculpture, and painting.  These pros can work onsite, or bring your artwork to their studios to clean and stabilize it for display.
Do you need an appraisal for insurance?  for filing taxes?  Let APN help you find an appraiser who specializes in what you collect.  We have connections to professionals who are knowledgeable about all sorts of valuable items from jewelry and decorative artworks to sculpture and painting.
Shipping & Packing
Need to send your artwork somewhere?  It can be overwhelming to decide how to ship something.  Does it need a crate or can it be soft-wrapped?  Do you want a soft-sided travel frame of a fully enclosed slipcase?  Maybe painting needs to be unstretched and rolled on a tube.  APN has experience shipping works of all shapes and sizes, and we can help you find the right professional and method to maximize your budget and protect your piece.

The Art Pro Network

The art professional community is a wealth of specialized niché expertise.  Finding the right person to help you can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the special vocabulary and processes that are used in our industry.  Let Art Pro Net help you navigate and translate your needs so that you can find an art pro to fit your projects size and budget.  There are hundreds of talents specialists perfect for every aspect of you project.

For Art Pros

Are you an art pro in the California?          APN supports professionals serving the arts and cultural communities by sharing information that will help you professionally and connecting our clients with you. Our desire is to be a pipeline that assists art pros to discover opportunities and broaden the marketplace.

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Our Experience

Art Pro Net’s founder Kelly Bennett has had experience working in museums all over the country.  Here are some videos of her previous projects.

Kelly has worked with many artists in her career including her tenure as the installation lead for the traveling exhibition Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration that toured internationally for over a decade.  Check out this promo from when it traveled to the San Jose Museum of Art.

During her tenure as Exhibition Manager at the Asian Art Museum, Kelly was asked to work out logistics for many scales of historical objects including floating a carriage through the side of the museum.

Large-scale artworks have been a regular type of project career and this has included the large art wall at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive that she rotates twice a year with artists that create site specific installations for the space.