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Well, I hope the winds don’t blow anyone away this week and I hope you are all safe.  This edition brings some interesting news blowing in from far and wide.  Check out the Bucket List entry this week about the Terry Fox takeover happening this month…It hits close to home since I had the pleasure of installing with the Wattis crew.  Shout out to Calen, Leila and the team over there. If you don’t know Terry’s work there are lots of opportunities to check it out including their installation with several pieces from BAMPFA.

We also have some articles that cover the weird and wacky.  From the news out of Arizona about the guy who broke into a museum’s storage and built a gym, to the Getty’s new database about all things plastic. I hope you check out some of the interesting happenings we found from the last couple of weeks. 

Check out the Resource Section.  Americans for the Arts has put together a fun way to learn more about the social impact of arts and you can spin your way through their data.  Definitely take a deep dive into the Connecting to Collection’s webinars from 2019 and previous years.  They are finding new ways to add value to art pros of all levels.

Finally, I hope you will look through the opportunity listings.  Now is a good time of year to get in touch with previous clients and see what is cooking for 2020.  I know it seems like 2019 just started but once November rolls around time will start rushing by.  Reach out this month and reconnect with people…and let us know if you are an art handler looking for work in the Palo Alto area.  We would love to hear from you!

Be well and stay safe everyone!
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