The newest buzzword these days is Capacity.  It comes up in conversations about storage space and usually goes along with square footage and static loads.  Hearing this word has opened up a different line of thinking for me…what about people’s capacity?  The last 3 years have irrevocably changed how we interpret our capacity and what is expected of us by the institutions where we work.  We need to embrace this evolution and consider ways to transparently share information so that our teams can manage their capacity as it changes day to day.  Also, we as staff members need to engage with the bigger picture plan so that we can communicate what is possible, and help keep the overall objectives in progress.  Capacity varies but it is on all of us to find ways to balance the scales and become more agile in our work practices.  I hope this helps you start looking at your team’s processes and find more space physically and emotionally for people to be the best they can be.