Do you feel unsure about where your career is going?  Do you get overwhelmed trying to plan your next steps?  Do you also get up every day and manage collections and exhibitions?

Building a career plan is no less complicated or scary than making the same kind of plans we all do in our roles as art pros.  To know what an object needs and how to manage its logistics you must know your path, understand the object, and consistently remain aware and flexible to the adjustments required.  The same is valid with planning your career trajectory and in this episode, I look at the comparison between the processes you already go through and those involved with making strides in your professional goals.  If you have the confidence to make guarantees that your decisions will steward fragile, irreplaceable objects in a safe way, then you can make bold plans for where you want to be in the future and achieve them.  It is about investigating, planning, and pivoting as the world changes around you, and I hope Art Pro Net can help.