What do you look for in a job posting?  If you are like most folks, you look at location, salary, and type of collection.  While these are all critical parts of planning where you want to send your next application, it is essential that you understand what kind of institutions you are considering.  What size of an organization is it?  Do they maintain a collection or not?  What is their funding model?

The truth is we do not all thrive in the same sort of climate.  This episode looks at some of the scenarios that you should research and consider when looking for a job.  Understanding the difference between a large collecting museum’s mission and scope, versus that of a small privately endowed non-collecting organization can help you decide where you want to be depending on where you are at in your career.  There are so many options out there that fit different personalities.  Understanding them will not only lead you to a targeted and strong application, but it will also allow you to consider just what you are signing up to take on.  

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