I have met dozens of museum professionals working with tight budgets and small staffs.  How many people do you have on your staff…10, 5, maybe you are wearing all the hats? When small museums build a project or exhibition they know for sure they will be hiring contractors or on-call professionals to help them reach their goals. Like many though, the idea of finding time to locate those professionals can be an exhausting and daunting proposition.  

Here are 5 reasons to let Art Pro Net help you find the art pros you need!

1. Saving You Valuable Time To Do Everything Else On The Never Ending List

Being on a small staff means you are charged with getting a whole lot done.  APN’s sourcing and recruitment can help you find the art pros you need and streamline your process.  We will find you several applicants for your project that already fit within your time frame and resources.  Once we vet these candidates for the skill set you need, we send you the list for final planning and decision making. Our process will help you focus on the other million things you need to get done to reach your goals.

2. Specialized Art Pros Can Be Hard To Find If You Don’t Know Where To Look

Finding the right art pros can be a challenge if you are in a small community.  Maybe your background is in development or education but you are also managing exhibitions. Sometimes you might not even know who you need! APN’s network of professionals ranges all over the spectrum from rigging and installation to conservation and mount making.  Let us help you figure out who you need and find the right person with the right skills.

3. Visiting The Same Pool Every Time Gets You The Same Results

If you visit the same group of people every time you need to recruit, then you will probably continue to get the same candidates.  APN can bring you a newer and varied group of applicants by utilizing our enormous network of both Northern California, nationwide and international contacts.  Let us help you find the right person for your project no matter where it is.

4. Quick Results Let You Make Fast Decisions And Move Toward Your Goals

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you need help fast.  There are many art pros out there willing to help on a quick turn around, and we know where to find them. APN has a proven track record of finding candidates for all sorts of clients in a quick and focused way.  If you need someone fast we can help you find them.

5. Building Your Contacts Can Stabilize Your Future Plans Too

Utilizing APN for your art pro sourcing needs not only solves your immediate project planning challenges, but it also builds your contact list for the future.  We find you as many candidates as we can within your criteria, and through the searches, you will build a pool of people that you can utilize again and again. We are not just sourcing for the now, but connecting you to our network for the future.

If you are interested in hiring APN to help you source your next art pro please let us know at connect@artpronet.com. We have many levels of service from our free newsletter posting to a sourcing retainer that gives you access to our help all month. Email us for details.