In this edition of the APN Wire:

Happy 2021 to everyone in the APN family!  It’s been a long break, but I am excited to get back to connecting with all of you out there in the Bay Area, and now in my new home in Los Angeles.  We are truly finding art pros all over California.  I hope this year brings lots of new opportunities to all of us, and I hope we can keep our eyes on the prize when it comes to lowering those COVID numbers.  The new normal will be here before you know it.

Check out how many of our colleagues are contributing to the future in our articles section.  Either by preserving the past, helping with vaccinations, or creating new ways to connect with visitors, many museums are truly finding ways to move forward.

Also, ARCS has some exciting new things happening.  Check out their call for proposals about evolution.  They are looking for art pros who can speak to the ways they are pivoting and making new strides.  I am also excited to say that I will be on the next ARCS Chat.  We will be discussing new ways in which our industry can work through the limitations this pandemic is putting on our processes.  

Finally, I am excited to say there are more opportunities popping up for art pros than when we went to break late last year.  If you are looking for a new opportunity, keep alert.  There are many positions coming up in the new year as people get back to work.  Make sure to have your resume ready, and reach out to those contacts you know.  Make sure everyone knows you are ready for a new opportunity! Remember we are here to lend a hand.  Reach out if I can help you find the art pros you need and take some of the pressure off your search. At APN we also consult on resume writing and help those of you seeking. Don’t be shy!  It is time to get it done in 2021.
 APN is working to help art pros! Let us know what we can do for you –