In this edition of the APN Wire:

It’s spooky how close to Halloween we already are, and how fast this year is flying by.  Take a minute and listen to the latest Art Pro Net Podcast episode about making an impression this fall.  The next 6 weeks are some of the busiest hiring weeks of the year, and a great time to get out there.  Connect with those organizations that have helped make your year a success and those that you want to work for in the future.  We all have a mission and now is a good time to connect with people just for the sake of showing good will and networking.  Leave your own positive mark on the community.

Check out our articles too!  We start by remembering a leader in the arts community who was lost this week, Art Guys Michael Galbreth.  Growing up in the Houston art scene it was hard not to experience his influence on our community.  He will be missed.

There are some new initiatives happening in the collections community that are bringing art pros back to the frontlines.  Much like the Monument Men’s story, there is a new group of guardians training to help save the cultural heritage of the world from the destruction of war. In connection with that story, an article about recovered works from the previous wars.  

Finally, we have tons of opportunities this week.  In our resources section you should take a minute to look at the Art List Bay Area site.  Big thanks to fellow art pro, Calen Barca Hall for running this totally free resource for the art and art pro community.  There is great info and if you can please register.  

I hope you all find new adventures and opportunities this fall, and maybe your own mission too.

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