In this edition of the APN Wire:

Happy Turkey Week everyone!  I know it is another holiday brought to you by the unfun of 2020, and we have all rolled back to the purple level of sheltering in place.  This week’s edition is all about finding something to be thankful for and being hopeful about the future.  It’s a hard thing to accomplish this year, but I think there are lots of reasons to be positive about what’s coming in 2021.

Check out our bucket list for the latest and greatest things to do this holiday season.  I always have to add a plug for one of my favorite holiday traditions, Filoli.  This is the perfect COVID holiday destination with wonderful lights and events in their beautiful outdoor gardens.  

Our articles this week focus on changes being made to improve the future.  From returning objects to their rightful owners to fighting for workers’ rights, there is hopeful news all over the world.  Take a listen to my season finale of the Art Pro Net Podcast.  I explore the reasons I am thankful for this insane year, and how I hope we find ways to maximize our new priorities in the new year.  We must remember to prioritize people first.

Finally, we have tons of job postings including our latest feature opportunities with Art Conservation de Riguer in San Francisco.  We are extending our free newsletter posts through 2021.  Please share any postings you have or information on art pros you might be searching for.  Also, if you are looking for opportunities please subscribe at to get this newsletter straight to your inbox.  I am so excited to connect with my new community in Southern California in 2021.  
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