I hope everyone out there is staying safe from the crazy weather that is hitting the whole country.  With fires in the West and early snowstorms in the East, I came up with my latest podcast topic pretty quick.  What is the one disaster that can hit us all? Flooding!  It doesn’t matter if it comes from outside or inside, there are lots of tips to consider on how to keep your collection safe and buy you time to correct the problem.  I hope it helps with your disaster planning.

We have some interesting articles this week highlighting work that art pros are doing. From efforts to conserve and revitalize the past to those who are trying to strengthen our future, there is change happening.  Some battles are successful and some are not, but a constant vigilance against complacency is the key to success.  Make sure to keep advocacy in your daily life and find ways to make your world better.

Speaking of making a difference in the world, check out the project that was put together through the Immigrant Yarn Project.  It is a really interesting show and the works are getting sold to raise money and awareness for immigrant and refugee organizations.  

Also, in our resources section, it is open enrollment for the Freelancers Union health insurance plans.  If you are a freelancer check out their plans and see if they can help you take care of yourself in 2020. 

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves, and I hope that you all are safe in this crazy time.   Please safeguard yourself and be well.

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