In this edition of the APN Wire:

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for many of us and I hope this finds you warm and well.  A big virtual hello to all of you art pros that have ties to Texas, and I hope your connections have made it through the deep freeze safely. While this is a California-based newsletter, the world is a lot smaller than we give it credit for. In that spirit, I encourage you to look at the life and contributions of someone who will truly be missed, Clint Willour.  He was a fixture in the Texas art community and his contributions were felt throughout the art world.  

There has been a lot of news these days about ongoing changes and those still needed in our industry.  This issue looks at the past and present and shares some perspective on the road we have traveled.  Take a look at the Bucket List section to check out some interesting media looking at art pros of the past.  Not to mention a great article about a new collection near and dear to me, the Separate Cinema Archive which now resides at the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.  I look forward to taking care of this unique group of objects.

Finally, taking care of objects is what many of us are passionate about, and this issue’s articles and research section are a great complement to my most recent podcast.  When planning for your collections care materials, it is important to find a sustainable solution for your objects.  Check out some great guides that explore many of the details regarding collections care from materials information to fire risk assessment.  Whether you are taking on the planning for thousands of objects in a big new archive or just a few pieces, it is important to think long range.

I hope the future brings good things to all of you, and I thank you for subscribing to the APN Wire.  Let us know if we can ever help you plan for your past, present, or future processes.

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