In this edition of the APN Wire:

Well, this is not my favorite edition to put together but I hope it finds you all safe and well.  This last week has truly been the strangest and most stressful I can remember in a long while.  It reminds me of hurricanes and floods. That feeling that only comes when you just have to focus on coping with the next hours or days and not the next weeks or months.  Our schedules are screwed and that’s the new normal.

What I hope to do is be a resource for all of you during this trying time.  The links in the edition are focused on that goal.  We have informational links about financial relief and community assistance.  Also, we have entertainment through virtual tours and stress relieving coloring. This is a great time to look into E-Learning and other professional development resources.

Not to mention…Check out our latest podcast, and past episodes at  It’s very bingable if I do say so myself!

Please feel free to reach out.  We will be working on ways to share more resources in the coming weeks and would love to share any info you have too.  It is time to come together even more than we already do and support one another.  Just reach out at and we will spread the word.

Be well!
 APN is working to help art pros! Let us know what we can do for you –