Our first ever edition dedicated to Registration is here.  We start our ode to all the data collectors out there with our first ever interview edition of the Art Pro Net Podcast with one of our favorite registrars Joy Tahan Ruddell.  She discusses her perspectives on collections management processes and how she became an art pro.

Our articles cover all sorts of topics we know will intrigue you including a rights and repro fight with Elon Musk, a major gift from a museum’s first registrar, and information on some of the ways Brexit will add shipping challenges for us all.  Also, part 3 of out storage tips series focuses on tips to keep your storage protocols dynamic and on point.

Finally, check out our resource section with information on scholarship opportunities to get you are your institution to the AASLH Conference.  Our bucket list choice for this week is CTRL+SHFT a Bay Area collective that is dedicated to helping local artists thrive.  Check out their latest exhibition!

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