Oil on canvas by Ernest Board: Dr Edward Jenner performing his first vaccination against smallpox on James Phipps, a boy of eight.
De Agostini via Getty Images

In this edition of the APN Wire:

So what’s the plan?  It is the question we are all working on.  Whether you are looking for work, or planning to return, or wondering what the future of our industry looks like… we all need to make a plan.  I can tell you from my perspective it is not easy, but it helps to have a fantastic team to work with.  Check out my latest podcast to hear more.  We need to work from inside our institutions out to make a plan that works both with us and for us.

I want to give a shout out to another art pro working on a plan… Check out Richard Karson’s webinar tomorrow.  It will be fun to learn about the projects San Jose Museum of Art is working on.  You still have time to sign up.  If you reading this and not subscribed to get the APN Wire Newsletter straight to your inbox, go to https://artpronet.com/#art-pros and sign up today!

Also, check out our articles and resources to find out how and what other people are planning.  Endowments, educational institutions, and conservation initiatives are all looking at ways to move forward.  Some decisions made now will change museums and how we operate as art pros forever.  We must find our own ways and build a safe place for our teams to get a strong footing.  I hope these perspectives help add to your planning.

Thanks for being a part of the APN community.  Be Well!