The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial as seen on Martin Luther King Day Jan 21, 2019, in Washington, D.C. Al Drago, Getty Images

In this edition of the APN Wire:

Art Pro Net would like to voice our support for the current initiatives and protests against historical and systematic racism, violence, and hate.  We dedicate this issue to all the changes being made in reaction to the current events and the Black Lives Matter movement.  We also support all those art pros all over the community that have been working toward these needed changes.  I truly hope that what is going on right now will help create new momentum that will shift our axis and priorities.

I know the conversations have focused on how we can diversify our staff and organizations, and I want to ask that we take it one step further.  I would like to ask that we also diversify our exposure as professionals.  We should all find ways to broaden the understanding of what we do as art pros through involvement in education on the collegiate and primary levels.  There are so many people out there who are not aware of what we do and that it is a rewarding and rich career.  We should change that.  We have to open the curtains so people can see behind the scenes, and welcome people to investigate our world.

This whole edition is dedicated to the current voices of change.  It is important that we find a productive way to be a part of the solution and progress.  I welcome everyone to take the time to watch the Racism, Unrest, and the Role of the Museum Field discussion from AAM.  It is a thought-provoking and wonderful inspection of where we are in the world right now, and I really enjoyed the way Lori Fogarty, Director of the OMCA represented her institution as well as the Bay Area.

I also hope you will look through the articles and resources and find opportunites to express yourselves, educate yourselves, and contribute to the momentum that has begun in the last weeks.  I look forward to prioritizing accessibility for all groups in the art pro community.

Thanks for being a part of the APN community.  Be Well!
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