Have you ever considered the different ways art pros care for collections?  There are the obvious ones…  Registrars care for objects moving around the globe.  They track their condition from place to place.  Preparators and collections managers care for objects moving through gallery and storage spaces.  They manage their physical needs and logistics.  Conservators care for collections on a molecular level.  They understand the properties of destruction constantly attacking works of art. We often consider these kinds of collection care when training, applying and performing our work, but many collections need a more spiritual level of care.  A metaphysical level…if you will.

In this issue, I hope you will consider this level of our industry as well.  First off, my latest podcast is all about the roles and responsibilities that you need to consider when you start looking for a position.  Working with cultural heritage collections takes more than an understanding of buffered vs unbuffered tissue.  I hope this episode will help give perspective to those of you thinking of working with these kinds of collections.  

Also, in our articles section, there are stories about care for objects beyond possession.  From a new museum dedicated to returned Italian objects to a board standing up for the conditions affecting not only a collection but its caretakers, it is heartening to see that our community is care for all aspects of objects.  This has to include the people working with them daily.

Last but not least, caring for collections care professionals is also part of the equation.  Check out our resources and opportunities sections to find what you need to succeed.  This includes the Federal Student Aid site for Student Loan Forgiveness.  Unpredictable things are happening out there with the economy right now and this may be a path forward for relief.  

I hope no matter where you are in the art pro community you find that care is a word you can use in many ways.