9/11 Tribute

In this edition of the APN Wire:

As we head toward new stresses at the end of summer and the beginning of the fire season it is easy to get overwhelmed.  I have focused this issue on the victories art pros are having as they find their way through healing and gaining some control back in the chaos.  I hope that these stories and resources can help you find inspiration to gain traction and move forward in the last stretch of 2020.

If you are looking to move up or secure your position there is some great news from Philadelphia about how the PMA has organized.  I also hope my most recent podcast gives some perspective to those of you considering the move to a managerial position.  It is a lot more than just adding paperwork to your scope.  Leadership in our industry is important and needed but also takes an intentional focus on improving your soft skills.

Also, learn more about how people are finding ways to heal.  The work UNESCO is doing is amazing and helping communities all over the world.  A little closer to home, museums are finding solutions to maintain tributes and memorials no matter what the obstacles.  I was especially happy to see that despite all the chaos of COVID, the 9/11 Museum will move forward with its installation to memorialize those that were lost during another tragic time in our history.

I hope that no matter what, you all are safe and well in this crazy time. APN is working to help art pros! Let us know what we can do for you – connect@artpronet.com.