As we roll on into August there are more stories of hardship in our industry.  The other day I was remembering that the last time I worked for a museum that was shut down for almost a year I was an intern.  Tropical Storm Allison destroyed Houston in the summer of 2001, and it took years to recover from the flood.  It was through that experience that I learned about something that has helped me with decisions throughout my career.  The 10 Agents of Deterioration has applied in different ways in every place I have transitioned to, and I am hoping they will help all of you.  In our struggles to do more with less and safeguard our collections during this shutdown, we need to keep these agents in mind.  We need to build plans to help us maintain and manage our spaces.

If you are not familiar with this list of agents to keep in mind when planning your collections care, check out my latest podcast.  I speak to all ten of these areas, and I hope it will spark some momentum in ways to make your processes stronger. Sadly, many of these agents are really just a result of faulty human oversight and can be preventable in most cases.

Also, I have added articles that focus on many of the agents you will learn about.   There is information about internal facilities systems, and how upgrading these can not only make your building more efficient, it can make it safer too.

Finally, if you need help distilling what direction you should take for long term planning, check out our bucket list area.  These are just a few past and future webinar resources that can help you get your plans moving in the right direction.

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