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It’s interesting how important days just creep on me sometimes.  9/11 is one of those days that no matter how long it’s been since 2001…I remember every detail.  That was a rough year starting in June when Tropical Storm Allison destroyed the museum I worked at, and we were rebuilding when the planes hit the towers.  My world changed on many levels that year.  and I gained a newfound appreciation for the contribution of people in my life.  I feel the gravity of this day every year and (not to make this to heavy a newsletter) I want to start this newsletter by thanking everyone who serves and protects our country and the memories of what happened that day.  In our business we work everyday to hold onto the stories of our past, and this is one I hope we never forget.

Now about this edition…
We have some great articles to share with you this week.  Check out how a conservator in LA is working to save the Day-Glo masterpieces of the world that are literally disappearing.  We have a cautionary tale from an artist whose work did disappear in shipping and a wonderful look at how the 9/11 memorial has been cared for.

We have some fantastic opportunities including one at BAMPFA where you are needed right now! Also, check out our Freecycle Section for some crates and peds in search of a new home.  Finally, if you missed Art Linx or where there and want to hear from him again…David Corfield and I sat down for my latest podcast an talked about freelancing.  Listen in to find out about the laws out there to protect you and how relationship building is the key to a successful client-based business.

Finally, please reach out if you are looking to freecycle anything.  We want to help you promote being green.  We are happy to spread the word.

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