In this edition of the APN Wire:

It’s so exciting to be sending this on our first day with clear air in the Bay Area in weeks.  I hope if you are reading this, you can take a deep breath too.  This edition is dedicated to getting out of the house, and experiencing the fantastic world of outdoor collections.  I have a feeling it will become a big part of the new normal.

We start with some fantastic reasons to get out…some brand new job opportunities.  This includes a position that I am helping Preservation Arts search for.  If you are interested in working with a truly wonderful team and possibly some outdoor works, email me today at and I can share more information with you.

Check out our podcast this week.  It is all about the basics of planning when thinking about your existing or future outdoor works.  Planning and care are integral to keeping up with these often massive works.  They might be big but they are not indestructible.  Check out the Resources section too for tips on caring for your collection.  The Toledo Museum of Art put together a great video on their extensive collection and its management program.

Finally check out our articles for more first-hand accounts on those places you can get your art fix now, and in the future.  Our institutions are opening back up, and I am hoping this means that the work will begin again.  Be well and I hope this is the first of many days of fresh air.
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