Who wants to check out a chocolate waterfall?

In this edition of the APN Wire:
With the beginning of Fall we are seeing lots open up and things beginning again. We are having to find new ways to get to where we want to be.  Check out my latest podcast to hear my take on loans and virtual couriering.  You can be there without actually being there, but that doesn’t mean we should be loaning everything just yet.

In our articles, we also look at the ways people are working to make things better.  Check out the view from behind the scenes of the museum’s reopening in New York.  There is a lot of cleaning going on high and low all over the city. 

In our resources, we have some examples of more people investigating how to make things right.  UW is hosting a month-long symposium series on the internment camps in Wyoming during WWII.  It is so important to acknowledge where we have been so we can have a better future. Also, check out UCLA’s rights and repro resource page.  Being responsible for fair use should be everyone’s priority.

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