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Tru Vue specialty acrylic and glass solutions, including Optium® Museum Acrylic and UltraVue® Laminated Glass, are trusted to protect and display fine art and cultural heritage across the globe. TruLife® Anti-Reflective Acrylic for face mount and direct print applications has exceptional durability and brilliant colors for a better visual experience.  We work closely with the museum and design communities to develop innovative products that meet superior aesthetic and conservation standards.  

Join us for Art Pro Net’s 2nd annual Art Linx Conference, a networking and professional development event for arts and collections professionals of all levels!

July 20th, 2019 at the Doug Adams Gallery in Berkeley, CA

from 8:30 am-3:30 pm

APN is so excited to announce the Art Linx 2019: Freelance Frameworks Conference. This day-long event is dedicated to helping art logistics professionals network and find professional development resources. In this year’s conference, we will not only discuss technical processes of collections work, like framing and fabrication, we will also talk about many of the overreaching topics that are important to us all, such as the growing freelance economy that we all depend on to help our small staffs. Join us for a day full of opportunities to connect with other professionals and find ways to manage the ever-growing expectations in our community.

This years program will include:

Tech Talk with: Chris Barnett- Sterling Art Services

Freelance Panel Discussion with: David Corfield- Life Work

Networking Lunch and Resource Swap

Roundtable Discussions about Networking, Interviewing Tactics, Mount Making and Fabrication Planning, and Freelance Management. Facilitators include Mount Makers and Fabricators, Denise Fordham and Harvey Newman, and Networking and Event Management Professional, Colleen Fischer.

Coffee, Snacks, and Lunch Provided

Tickets are only available by pre-registration and will not be sold at the door.

*Some Discounted or Scholarship Tickets are available. To find out more please email the organizer at*