Season 2: Episode 11
You might need to change tracks.

With the arrival of June, there are a lot of new stressors arriving.  PPP loans are running out, mass layoffs are happening to art pros everywhere, and many places have a hiring freeze on. What can we do?

In this episode, I talk about different ways to develop and promote yourself professionally so you can keep or create opportunities for the future.  Managers today are struggling to keep up with all the new responsibilities on top of what they already had on their plates.  Reaching out and networking can help you become a known asset for skills you have, certifications you can get, and new talents you can develop.

Also, we talk about how to look for new opportunities adjacent to your current path, and some positions that are developing because of COVID.  You might need to pivot and look for something that is not quite what you were planning on.  Be open to what might come your way even if it’s not what you were expecting.  Be safe and be well.