What are you curious about?

I see a lot of negativity and struggle for our community these days.  What ingredient are we missing to help move things in a more positive and hopeful direction?  One thing I have noticed is a significant lack of curiosity.  People head toward careers in our field without an understanding of the realities.  They struggle to advance once they have gotten a foot in the door.  I think a lot of it has to do with a lack of curiosity in the overall organizational processes and a lack of investigation into all areas of what we do.  Without searching, digging, and asking questions it is impossible to find your niche and contribute to the evolution of the industry.  It takes finding your opinion, putting it on the line, and listening to those that disagree with you to make a meaningful difference. Get curious and find an intentional direction.

What are you curious about?  How can APN help you find out more about it?