With the beginning of a new year and our 5th season here at Art Pro Net, this podcast is about a topic that can often seem daunting to art pros. No matter your institution’s size, finding the time and resources to build an integrated and consistent pest management plan can be challenging.  I hope this episode will help you find ways to make it possible for you to reenergize your IPM.  From knowing your space to knowing your pests, the key is having solid partners to make tracking and evaluation possible.

Listen to learn about resources, techniques, and tools. Reach out to me at connect@artpronet.com today and I would be happy to help you work on starting to formalize your process. 

Remember, that consistency is critical, you should be satisfied when you have nothing new to report, and once you see pests in your space there is a big problem.  The proper IPM plan and regular vigilance can help you keep your collection safe.