How are you doing? No, really…how are you coping, managing, and feeling about things?  Ever stop and really answer that question? I know I don’t usually answer it truthfully, and many folks don’t even ask themselves.  With May approaching and Spring in full swing, I hope you will take a minute to check in with yourself.  This edition is all about mental health, and taking care of what you need.  I hope it gives you pause to take stock of how you are really doing.  

First, you can check out the articles section. Take a minute to read about how our industry is and is not considering those who work in it.  Tom Newlands’s piece, The dark side of the art world, hits home especially hard for me. While the vernacular is definitely from the UK, it is a poignant editorial of the art handler’s life.  Feeling disassociated and un-nuanced can be the beginning of major issues and a red flag that something needs to change.  If you manage a team or are feeling this way personally, find someone to talk to.  I guarantee many of us can relate.

I recommend spending some time with the resources section too.  You will find toolkits to help you care for yourself and build a plan for your entire team.  AAM’s newest resource is all about change management, which can help you think through how evolutions in your organization could affect staff morale.  Also, learn how to build processes to evaluate what you have in place, so you can secure and support your organization.  Part of feeling confident and calm is knowing you are prepared for what is coming down the road.

The fact is, we all feel a little off-kilter these days.  Post-pandemic life is a weird blend of familiar returning tempos and new priorities.  Take a minute and value your own sanity every day.  You are the only one who can manage your mental health; nothing is worth sacrificing your sanity.  I hope you all find balance, and I hope your shift into summer comes with a sense of calm and confidence.