As Kermit always says, “It is not easy being green”. That is especially true when it comes to collections care, so this issue is all about helping you find ways to work on lowering that carbon footprint.  The museum world doesn’t have the best track record of leading in this area, but we must keep working to find ways to minimize our effect on the planet.  Hopefully, this issue can give you some inspiration and resources to help you start finding ways to make your impact a positive one for the future.

To see what is happening in our community right now, check out the Articles section.  From gardens to tables, there are museums thinking about how the most minor steps can make a big difference. Also, take a look a some of the new funding opportunities out there to help institutions take on these course changes.  One thing is for sure, becoming more intentional with your processes can be a costly undertaking.  Find ways to get the resources you need to make it possible.

Speaking of resources, check out the organizations, magazines, and companies that are out there to help you.  Take some time to look at MuseoCycle, a fantastic site for sharing resources instead of just destroying them.  Whether you want to find a new home for your slightly used crates or you need casework and are on a tight budget, this site can help you connect with other institutions to solve lots of challenges.  Also, check out the opportunities CAM has for people to get involved in making policies for the future.  You can contribute in all sorts of ways.

Finally, I hope you check out the latest opportunities and reach out if I can help with your application process.  My resume evaluation services can help your submission stand out, and get your foot in the door.  Email me today at to find out more.  Whatever your goals for growth this Spring, I hope APN is adding value to your search for answers!