The mood was joyful on Saturday when the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened its doors for the first time in months.
(Jeenah Moon for The Washington Post)

Happy almost Labor Day!  The summer is wrapping up and people are getting back to work.  This means a lot of excitement and a lot of new stresses.  With all that has been going on this year, it’s exciting to hear about the relief of some things opening back up.  It is also hard to hear about the experiences of those of us still in the trenches and trying to make it happen.  Check out our articles this week to see the two sides of this situation in NYC.

We also take a look at this topic in the latest episode of the Art Pro Net Podcast.  I discuss how we need to plan programing with our current resources in mind.  Many of us were maxed out before this pandemic layoff wave began, and if we are going to survive we can not go back to the same level of programming.  We need to work on creating a work/life balance for the future.

To work on that work/life balance we have found some fun events and resources that will bring you quality information and distraction.  Check out the online festivals featuring Berkeley Arts offerings, and some fun and funky performances from the Oaklash DRAG festival.  These groups have found ways to highlight all the flags that fly in our creative community.  You can still have some fun…even in quarantine.

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